2008 Citroƫn C8 Owner's Manual

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2008 Citroƫn C8 Owner's Manual

Citroen C8 model received some improvements throughout the car. This new minivan attracts with its spectacular appearance and spaciousness. It is designed for 8 seats, this will allow you to travel with a large company or family.
The motors have been updated and now there is a choice between 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder, there are 2 boxes to choose from – mechanics and automatic. The main advantage of the C8 is its transformer interior. The seats can be moved, folded, unfolded, the backs can be used as a table. While driving, passengers can now move around the cabin to each other. The gearshift lever does not interfere with this, and the handbrake has been moved to the left side of the driver. The landing is excellent, the seats are wide, the review is good. The driver feels like a king. The main console has an abundance of instruments and adjustments. The tachometer and speedometer dials are located in the middle, which you can quickly get used to. Below, under the deflectors, there is a small display with indications of mileage, consumption, climate control settings.

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