2010 Citroen Ds3 Owner's Manual

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2010 Citroen Ds3 Owner's Manual On this page you can view the 2010 Citroen Ds3 owner's manual in full screen or download it on your PC or smartphone.

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2010 Citroen Ds3 car is designed for the city and focused on active young people. The owner of such a model necessarily appreciates modern systems and technological solutions that contribute to the comfort and safety of driving.

Not the last criterion in the choice will be the possibility of personalizing the car. The developers of DS 3 also took care of this. The customer can choose the desired color or purchase a car where the roof and body are of different colors.

2010 Citroen Ds3 handles bumps more confidently without any suspension noise.

The speedometer in the form of a sports chronometer acts as a kind of allusion to a sports car . The engine with a volume of 1.6 leaves and a 6-speed gearbox will make it easy to disperse the car and switch higher even without having to follow the algorithm.

The car is ideal for lovers of active, but not aggressive driving around the city.

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