2013 Citroƫn C8 Owner's Manual

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2013 Citroƫn C8 Owner's Manual

You can hardly combine such characteristics as “space”, “refinement” and “style”, describing one car. The 2013 CitroĆ«n C8 French car will help you with this. The Azure Beauty will enchant you with its depth and smoothness, you can be sure. This minivan is quite roomy, incredibly reliable, and even somewhat reminiscent of a passenger car. Naturally, it is equipped with various security systems, full-length curtains and two-zone air conditioning. The salon will be able to accommodate seven people, and double sliding doors will provide easy access for passengers to it. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the technical characteristics yet.

The 2013 Citroƫn C8 is priced at $12,500.

If the owner wants to use the new C8 as a cargo van, then this is quite possible. Both rear rows of seats can be completely removed and after that the volume of space increases to 3 thousand liters.

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