2015 Citroƫn DS5 Hybrid4 Owner's Manual

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2015 Citroƫn DS5 Hybrid4 Owner's Manual

New Citroen Model The DS5 with a hybrid setup is the best you can get for a relatively low price. but the main feature in this car is the most attractive design, with the maximum configuration, with an economical and environmentally friendly ( and reliable) engine. And they succeeded, despite the low sales among all competitors in the same segment.
The novelty practically does not differ from the model without an electric motor, at least outwardly. The best combination for dynamic yet fuel-efficient combined driving is a 2.0-litre diesel with a hybrid setup. The manufacturer claims that when the accelerator pedal is fully pressed , the DS5 Hybrid4 accelerates to a speed of 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds . The electric motor has 37 hp, so you wonā€™t be able to drive much on it alone. The interior is fully consistent with modern standards. DS5 Hybrid4 got a rain sensor, light sensor, heated wipers. The media system has a 7-10 inch touch screen, depending on the configuration. The climate control is set using the usual controls. The security system is made using the latest technologies and has a rating of 5 points. There are airbags for all passengers and the driver. The DS5 Hybrid4 will start at $ 47,000 depending on which feature set is installed.

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