2016 Citroen Ds4 Owner's Manual

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2016 Citroen Ds4 Owner's Manual

The updated DS4 model received a redesigned rear end of the car. Now the rear doors have full glass with power windows. In the previous model, they were deaf. The security system and comfort have also received updates. The front part of the body has been changed, namely the light structure. The optics has acquired the Matrix Led system , which has matrix and directional lighting. The total number of LEDs is 98 units. The door handles are now recessed into the body. The wheels in the crossover have a radius of 20 inches, which gives a sporty look and aggressiveness to the entire car.
Color DS4 You will not have many options, but the color of the roof will always be black. The suspension is designed for front-wheel drive, but off-road this model swallows holes well, and the clearance is high enough not to get stuck.

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