2016 Citroƫn DS5 Hybrid4 Owner's Manual

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2016 Citroƫn DS5 Hybrid4 Owner's Manual

The new 2016 DS5 Hybrid4 model has a very worthy and attractive exterior. Most of all, it will certainly be appreciated by people who need a car primarily for work, and the trip itself will leave a very pleasant impression due to thick tires. Concave taillights and metal blades rising from the headlights make the car more stylish, keeping up with German competitors.
On the way to the cabin, passengers will be greeted by a beautiful milled handle and a complete lack of buttons. But they can control the power windows using the center console. A comfortable driving position and an incredible amount of space will win over even the most capricious customers. The seats in the cabin are heated, the driver even has a leather watch strap available. The diesel engine with a volume of 2.0 liters does an excellent job with a power of 163 “horses”.
The 2016 Citroƫn DS5 Hybrid4 is priced at $16,500.

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