2017 Citroen C3 Owner's Manual

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2017 Citroen C3 Owner's Manual

The third generation of the stylish C3 arrived in 2017. Its appeal lies in its unique and exclusive design. No similar model has a body color: a roof, side mirrors and inserts for fog lights, this is one color, then the main body color and black A-pillars.
The salon also has bright inserts in the panels, various stickers. This generation is characterized by increased comfort. The suspension is well worked out and now large pits are almost invisible. In this car, comfort prevails rather than the ride itself. There will be plenty of engines for 80 and 110 horses to move around the city. Puretech engine is better than its competitors due to its loudness. The only downside to the C3 is the slight lean in sharp turns that melts into the handlebars. A plus is good sound insulation to a quiet engine, which undoubtedly affects comfort. In the interior, everything is practical and understandable. It is made in two colors and has a neat panel where the deflectors are located. In general, the interior is simple, but with the use of quality materials, where there are leather inserts.

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