2018 Citroen Ds4 Owner's Manual

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2018 Citroen Ds4 Owner's Manual

The model of the French automobile company CitroĆ«n DS4 2022 at first glance is very similar to last year’s car, but the technical component has been improved. Power windows, together with full-fledged shutters, will surprise both the passenger and the driver. Now the car looks much more dynamic, safer and more comfortable. The designers have made every effort to emphasize the features of the Premium C class. We can say that the car combines an off-road coupe and a traditional subcompact hatchback . It was this spontaneous decision that made the DS4 2022 a versatile model. Actually, the three main qualities of the exterior are compactness, sporty style and muscularity. Next to the luggage compartment lid is a fashionable slope that makes the silhouette more recognizable.

The interior impresses with its design and technology. The main console has a large touchscreen display and a digital instrument cluster. All parts of the main system are in a convenient location. The interior has interior lighting around the perimeter, and its shade can be chosen to taste.

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