2021 Citroƫn C-ElysƩe Owner's Manual

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2021 Citroƫn C-ElysƩe Owner's Manual

2021 Citroƫn C -ElysƩe sedan . Let finish and made of hard plastic, but the screw connections helped to securely fasten the panels, and therefore extraneous noise will not interfere with anyone on the road. After the purchase, several types of engines will be available to the client, but we will consider the traditional one. It has a volume of 1.6 liters, runs on gasoline and produces 115 horsepower.
The 2022 Citroƫn C -ElysƩe is priced at $16,076.

The new model C-Elyse , outwardly little has changed compared to previous models. Changed optics in design and quality. Some lines, shapes have changed and the size of the body has changed slightly.
The interior has received more updates than the exterior. Improved safety technology, this included changes to the ESP, ABS and fog lights. The spacious interior of the C-Elyse can be made of ordinary fabric, and in the top configuration with leather upholstery. As standard, the multimedia system does not have any special advantages. But for an additional fee, you can install a 7-inch touch screen, and air conditioning is also installed for a fee.

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