2022 Citroƫn Berlingo Van Owner's Manual

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2022 Citroƫn Berlingo Van Owner's Manual

2022 CitroĆ«n Berlingo Van is the UK’s most successful van and a true phenomenon. It wins the love of car enthusiasts with the same suitability for business trips and leisure trips with the family. The front of the latest model shares a common foundation with many other CitroĆ«n vehicles, while the rear remains unchanged. As for the technical characteristics, the future owner will have access to three diesel engines to choose from, with a volume of 1.5 liters, producing 74, 99 and 128 horsepower, respectively. In addition, he will be able to use a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.2 liters and an outstanding 108 horsepower. A choice is also available between the entry-level X or the more upmarket Enterprise trim level . How about without special versions? The Worker is for off-road riders, while the Driver is for long-distance buyers.

Berlingo Van is available in two lengths : standard ( M ) or long (XL) . As standard, the owner has a five- or six-speed manual transmission available, depending on which engine he chooses. On the most powerful diesel, an eight-speed automatic transmission is available.

The 2022 Citroƫn Berlingo Van is priced at $ 68,999 .

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