2022 Citroƫn C1 Owner's Manual

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2022 Citroƫn C1 Owner's Manual

Stylish, impressive car brand Citroƫn C1 2022 impresses with its appearance. Light turquoise color combines tenderness and freshness at the same time. The new modern optics made the front end bold. This car is perfect for city dwellers because it is small and weighs only 840 kilograms. The future owner will be able to choose a configuration with three or five seats in the cabin. If suddenly he does not like turquoise color, this model will be available in red, black or gray colors. The rims were made from quality materials and are fifteen inches.

The interior of the car’s interior is a bit like the interior design of the fairly well-known Peugeot 108 . If the rear seats are dismantled, the driver will receive a voluminous trunk that can hold 780 liters.

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