2022 Citroƫn C4 Picasso Owner's Manual

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2022 Citroƫn C4 Picasso Owner's Manual

With another reference to a famous artist, we are greeted by a new minivan from a French company CitroĆ«n called C4 Picasso 2022. But what in this name reminds of a Spaniard specializing in cubism? Maybe a bright blue interior color, vaguely reminiscent of the colors of a standard sports car? No, because all the above models are separated by a bright exterior. Or maybe it’s all about the square-shaped front bumper? Yes, this option is clearly closer to the truth. The designers armed themselves with knowledge of all the popular trends and tendencies “in the world of cars”, so they did everything possible to surprise the potential client. It’s safe to say that they succeeded.

2022 Citroen C4 Picasso debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show . In today’s world of fierce competition, it’s not easy to invent new utilities to upgrade a model. But it doesn’t seem to be about the French.

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