2020 Citroen Berlingo Owner's Manual

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2020 Citroen Berlingo Owner's Manual

The new 2020 Citroen Berlingo model is completely different from its predecessors, literally in everything. Now the compact van has received a stylish design. The front part looks interesting: the feeling that the muzzle is connected from two parts, like a sandwich. The headlights are narrow and connected by chrome strips, and in the middle is the Citroen badge. The lower lights are larger and slightly recessed into the wide bumper, with a wide grille installed between them.

In the most expensive configuration, parking sensors, cruise control, speed limiter, rain sensors and heated wipers are installed. For each set, manufacturers offer a whole range of power plants: diesel and gasoline engines.
Unlike older models, the 2020 Citroen has a large panoramic roof with an interesting design. The salon has changed for the better modern side. It has a large screen and increased the number of digital systems control.

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